COVID-19 Protocols


Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Tee Times - Please call for a tee time. Please Do Not come to the course without a tee time. No walk-ons will be permitted!

  • Personal protective gear - We suggest that all golfers wash their hands prior to arrival at the course and that they hand sanitize frequently throughout their round. All golfers are required to carry a cloth or disposable face covering for use when they are unable to maintain proper six-foot distancing.

  • Arrivals - Please remain in your car and call into the pro shop to check in and pay for your round. Arrive no more than 5-10 minutes before your scheduled tee time. If you arrive late for your tee time, please stay in your car and call the pro shop for instructions on how to proceed.

  • Payment - Must use credit or debit card. No cash accepted.

  • Scorecards - No score cards or pencils will be available. You may post your scores on your phone, on a pad of paper brought from home or log into our website where a printable version of our scorecard is available.

  • Tee Box - DO NOT go to the 1st tee until the players ahead of you have left the 1st tee. DO NOT congregate in the parking lot or around the clubhouse. The six-foot distancing rule must be strictly followed at all times. Tee time intervals are spaced out to 12 mins apart. Do Not crowd the players ahead of you while you are playing.

  • Golf Carts - Golf carts are available on a first come first served basis. No more than one person may ride on a cart at a time unless the two people riding are part of the same household. Our carts will be sanitized before and after each use.

  • Golf Course - The cups have been filled with a foam spacer, to eliminate the need for retrieving your ball in the hole or touching the flag stick. DO NOT remove the flag stick. There is a “no touch” protocol in effect. The ball is deemed to be holed when it hits the foam spacer. The water coolers, bunker rakes, ball washers, and trash cans have been removed from the course. We suggest that you bring your own drinking water. Preferred lie in all bunkers and smooth bunkers with your foot or club. You are responsible for the removal of your own trash, which can be placed in designated trash cans outside the club house.

  • GHIN computer/Posting scores - If you have not already paid for your 2020 GHIN fee we ask that you call the pro shop to do so, you will be unable to post your scores on line until you pay for your GHIN. The GHIN posting season has started, and you can post your scores even though we will be using raised cups. You can post your scores on line by mobile app, at home on your computer, or you can call the pro shop and we will be happy to post them for you.

  • Finish Round - After your round, players must leave the club without delay. Any congregating will not be tolerated and could result in loss of future playing privileges.

  • Restrooms - There will be no porta-potties on the course, but restrooms are available in the Club House.

  • Other Information - No golf instruction or clinics will be available at this time. While the clubhouse/snack bar are closed, curbside service is available for the snack bar. No Alcohol is allowed on the course at Gorham Country Club at any time. At this time, due to the clubhouse/pro shop being closed, we are not able to provide club/bag cart storage and cleaning or locker rental. Golfers will be required to handle and care for their own bags, staff will not be allowed to do so. Should anyone already have clubs/equipment being stored at the course they must call the pro shop and arrange to remove it as soon as possible.


Management and staff at Gorham Country Club thank you ahead of time for following these state-mandated COVID-19 safety practices. The game will still be fun to play, so come out and enjoy the green grass and sunshine.

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