Business Leagues

Business leagues can be a great way to foster friendships and team work among employees. It is proven that if employees get to know each other the result is better communication at work which, in turn, results in greater productivity and job satisfaction. Offering a league to employees is a perfect way to improve team moral and encourage comradeship among peers.



Why Golf? Golf is a unique activity that offers participants many benefits. Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions.


Who can play golf? The answer is any male or female (young or old) who enjoy comradeship. A business league can be made up of males and females, pros and amateurs, and can include workers from every step of the corporate ladder. A league can be structured so that pairings change and rotate from week to week which encourages a wider interaction among employees.


Where: Outside on 180 Acres of Maine State Game Preserve! Many corporate workers spend the majority of their day behind a desk and spend little time outdoors. Playing nine holes after work is the perfect way to get outside, enjoy some nice scenery and get some exercise.


When: A golf league can be scheduled in the early morning or evening. Most golf leagues start May 1st and end around Labor Day.


How will Golf Help My Business?: If your employees are Happy, Healthy and Motivated your bottom line will increase and moral will be at an all time high.


Gorham Country Club offers you the ideal setting to host your golf league. Our regulation 18 hole golf course is “player friendly”, yet still challenges more experienced golfers. Participants can relax in our grill room and enjoy a nice dinner while overlooking our 180 acre game preserve.


BOOK YOUR LEAGUE AT GCC FOR 2019!!! We currently have openings and would be happy to meet with you and discuss all that Gorham Country Club has to offer. Contact, Cindy Ahlquist, email or 207-839-3490 for further league details.